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We're transforming businesses & creating jobs


At Alexander Bain we study growth like no other firm.  We take a strategic view of intangibles and have spearheaded an initiative to help employers use these important assets to create new jobs and grow.



 Why transform?

Executives who agree that some jobs generate more value and revenue for their business than other jobs, choose to transform how their employees work from the conventional structure.

The conventional, department structure prevalent in the manufacturing era creates an unintentional growth barrier.  That’s because that structure restricts the percentage of staff who can add high value to between 3 – 9%.

Today’s economy requires a creative workforce.  Modern business structures consider which jobs add the most value and allocate at least 35% of its workforce to those high value adding work.

 Our initiative

Estimates show that up to 99% of British businesses with ESG commitments are likely to abandon them or fail to make the necessary improvements to access the dedicated funding.  Time and human resource constraints as well as the absence of in-house expertise are the three most limiting factors.

It's why Alexander Bain has initiated a programme that will support SMEs through the ESG implementation process and help your business grow so you can access committed funds.